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Canada, with a growing and expanding urban population, has created the perfect environment to enjoy wine, beer and spirits.

This an exciting opportunity for drinks producers t
o enter this market at a time when consumers are becoming more educated about what they like to drink, assisted by a large number of sommeliers and drinks specialists now working in the hospitality industry.

Our services can be customized to your specific needs in each market.  We feel that this approach will provide you with the most effective results for your prod

Trade Tastings

These events are carefully managed with invited guests from the hospitality trade, including sommeliers, owners, wine writers and buyers.

Wine Dinners

We organize various types of dinners with select groups from the trade, media or private clubs, allowing potential or existing customers to meet producers or winemakers.
Trade missions

These activities create the best opportunity for producers to meet select buyers, media and sommeliers and show them their vineyards, winery and wine production.
B2B Meetings

These meetings are arranged to meet with individual buyers, sommeliers and media based on their specific needs.

New product launches

We take pride in well-executed product launches which deliver positive results with analytics data to measure customer satisfaction.  Our close working relationships with various vhefs, food writers and buyers will give you the confidence knowing your products will have the right exposure in the market.