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Imanishiki Nenrin Junmai Daiginjo 2020

Yonezawa Brewery

The new series "Ring" was born after the brewery renewal. It is our flagship that evolves every year in search of the best. The annual rice polishing rate (39%) won the Gold Award at the International Wine Challenge 2018. Now Nishiki sake basically uses Miyama Nishiki.

When renewing the brewery, this "Ring" series was born based on the concept of using the best sake rice and aiming for the best sake brewing. The first "Ring of the Year" is junmai daiginjo using Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, the king of sake rice. While trying the best equipment and the best method for sake, we will challenge sake brewing that steadily evolves every year as we grow old.

AWARDS: International Wine Challenge ∟ 2018 Gold ∟ 2020 Gold Award, Regional Trophy

London Liquor Challenge ∟ 2020 Gold Prize

LCBO# 296573          $79.00/720ml