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d.o. maipo valley-andes, CHILE

Three Chilean agronomist-oenologist friends, who start the year 2012 with the idea of ​​making special wines. They choose vineyards with their own identity and from emblematic areas of Chile, to make innovative and surprising wines. They value the efforts of the grape producers they work with, those who have been specially chosen, featuring them on the wine labels and integrating them into the project.

3 Monos Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine obtained from traditional trellised vineyards in the foothills of the Maipo Valley, in the Maipo Andes sub-region, one of the most traditional and optimal areas for Cabernet Sauvignon in Chile, with a touch of Petit Verdot. What we are looking for is to represent well the juicy characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon and work it to make it a harmonic wine that is pleasant to drink.

Vintage: We carry out a manual harvest in 15 kg boxes and vatted in 4,000 kg tanks.

A cold maceration was carried out for 6 days and then the fermentation was with native yeasts at a controlled temperature for 8 days, then 20 more days of post-fermentation maceration. We discover used French barrels, with 5% of new barrels in 500l format.

The malolactic fermentation was in barrels and a total aging of 14 months was made, finally it was bottled without clarification treatments and a gentle filtration.

96% Cabernet Sauvignon/4% Petit Verdot. An intense, juicy, aromatic and harmonious wine, it has an interesting combination of the Maipo Alto Valley, with unctuousness and structure plus freshness and fruit.

Technical data

Ph: 3.51%Alc: 14.0%

AT: 5.36 g/L AV: 0.6 g/L

MR: 2.34 g/L SO2L: 28 ppm

LCBO# 26916      $27.55


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