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Gruner veltliner 2020

weinviertel dac hagenbrunn

The Schwarzböck wine-growing estate is located on the outskirts of Vienna with vineyards that extend over a total of 25 hectares. Our philosophy combines tradition and modernity: on the one hand, awareness of the natural cycles and our wine-growing experience, on the other, openness to innovation.

• Varietal: Grüner Veltliner  • Alcohol: 12.5 %

Bisamberg Hill’s flysch rock terrain leads to a very distinct flavour character in the wines. They are aromatically spicy and balanced in acidity and mellow fruits, with more complex finish. Harmonious and very fruity with fine spice.


This Grüner Veltliner, grown in the loess soil of Bisamberg Hill has a nice fruit balance and exquisite peppery note, it is just as refreshing and harmonious on the palate as it is to the nose.

• Our recommendation: pairs well with a variety of foods, especially with traditional Viennese fare (such as pork roast and schnitzel).

• Award: State-wine-award of Lower Austria 

91 Points A La Carte


LCBO# 24895    $21.95

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