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Imanishiki Junmai Daiginjo 2020

Yonezawa Brewery

Miyama Nishiki from Nagano Prefecture was polished to 39%, and the medium fermented at low temperatures for a long time was squeezed with time and effort in a sake tank. It has a soft aroma and a balanced taste.

"Ikunishiki Series" is a local sake from Nakagawa Village in Shinshu that can be requested throughout the year. I carefully arranged the sake bags in the sake tank and slowly squeezed every drop. It is a sake made with great energy by combining tradition and the latest technology.

AWARDS: International Wine Challenge: 2020 GOLD KuraMaster Junmai Daiginjo Sake Category National Sake Award: 2019 Platinum Award (Highest Award) / 2020 GOLD 2020 GOLD Award - The 91st Kanto Shin-Etsu National Tax Bureau Liquor Competition Excellence Award - Reiwa First Year Sake Brewery National Sake Competition Governor's Award - The 67th Nagano Prefecture Sake Fair

LCBO# 296565           $73.70/720ml.     SOLD-OUT

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