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Mizutoriki Kuranohana 44 Junmai Daiginjo

Kakuboshi Brewery, miyagi prefecture

In 1906, head of the Saito family, Tahei Saito, made a wish to safely brew saké by using a sacred mirror. A morning star was reflected from the mirror into a cup filled with saké. The brewery is named “Kakuboshi” (“horn-shape projection of a star”) after this auspicious occasion. The story continues to be passed down to this day.

Current President Kaichiro Saito, explains the characteristics of Kakuboshi's saké as: "The aroma and taste are not too prominent, and when combined with fresh seafood, the saké won’t overpower the taste of the fish, yet its essence can still be experienced.”

By using Kura no Hana saké rice and the yeast "Honofuku 21," both developed in Miyagi Prefecture, we have created a saké with a gorgeous aroma and a refreshing aftertaste.

Alcohol content:16.5% Alc./vol.

Rice-polishing ratio:44%

Rice type:Kuranohana

LCBO# 29928   $45.95


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