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The Ito Shuzo brewery was founded about 170 years ago in 1847. Koemon Ito, who was a large-scale farmer, started sake brewing using locally produced rice, high-quality water, and the bitterly cold climate in winter. Since then, the Ito family has passed down and explored secret techniques, delivering entertainment tailored to the times. The 2nd and 3rd generations started selling to metropolitan areas, and after the wartime closure, the 4th generation pursued good sake such as the revival of ginjozo and the release of a new brand "Denjo", and the sake quality was highly evaluated at the National New Sake Review.

The 5th generation of the brewery is pursuing mie-like tasteful sake with a focus on "Mie's local sake brewed with the blessings of Mie", including sake brewing as a brewery toji himself. In recent years, it has been highly evaluated in international contests such as IWC UK (Gold) and KuraMaster France (Gold) with the orientation of "tasteful food sake" according to the tastes of drinkers around the world.

Our brewery is located at the foot of the Suzuka Mountains, which were raised 200-1 million years ago .8m 34° north latitude, 136° east longitude, and 37.8m altitude.

Silverhwak is the very first Junmai Daiginjo made in Koshinotaka brand by Ito Shuzo. Made with all the ingredients made in Fukui prefecture.


Fragrant and elegant aroma, crisp, clean sake. Soft umami, clear finish sake.

LCBO# 29360     $47.95


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