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imanishiki umeshu plum liqueur

yonezawa brewery, nagano prefecture

A very particular umeshu made with sake and ryukyo koume, a small ume plum indigenous to southern Nagano where the brewery is located. These small plums give the taste of this umeshu a certain tang leading to a fine balance of acidity and sweetness. Ryukyo Koume, a special product of Inagaya harvested in Nakagawa Village, was carefully removed one by one by hand and prepared with sake. The stem of each individual ume plum is removed which gives this umeshu a rather rich taste. Due to this, it can be enjoyed either on the rocks or mixed with sparkling water.

As an umeshu it is held in extremely high regard having receiving gold medals in both 2019 and 2020 in European competitions.

Recommended food to pair with: sharp or mild cheeses, oily foods.


2020 Feminalise - Gold Medal 2019 Milano Sake Challenge - Gold Medal

LCBO# 29724    $49.95


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